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SubjectRe: [PATCH] tty: add lockdep annotations
> Alan, please double-check my revert. I've done an allmodconfig build
> with it, and I've looked at the patch and grepped that I didn't miss
> any 'tty_[un]lock()' cases, but that's the limit of my
> sanity-checking. I did check that this revert means that the main tty
> files are now back in the same exact state they were before that
> "tty_lock: Localise the lock" commit. I left the per-ldisc waitqueue
> change in there, though, that one seemed independent.

per ldisc waitqueue is indeed independent. The rest I'll try and check
but may be Wednesday for a serious check. You could also I guess narrow
the check by leaving it all passing tty in to the lock function but just
using the global lock. Might keep the noise down for the 3.6 work too.


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