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    Subject[PATCH 0/2] x86, microcode: Reload ucode only per-system
    From: Borislav Petkov <>

    Once upon a time there was this microcode reloading interface
    /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuX/microcode/reload, where X is an online
    cpu on the system, which allowed the loading of microcode in a per-cpu

    This had problems like having different ucode revisions on an otherwise
    homogeneous system and needed O(n^2) overhead when tracking minimum
    microcode revision per-core.

    So make this interface per-system so that it does microcode reloading on
    the whole system only.

    Single commit messages have more info too.

    The first patch has a stable tag which I'd like to see in stable but
    since it is not fixing a direct regression, I'd like to not push it
    upstream now but have it get tested in linux-next and go upstream during
    the next merge window from where it can trickle slowly to stable.

    Patches have been tested on all AMD families, it wouldn't hurt if it saw
    some Intel testing too, although it should just work.

    Holler if you see regressions/problems with it.


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