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    SubjectRe: [PATCHv2 0/5] remoteproc: Custom firmware handling.
    Hi Ohad,

    > I have a few small mostly-style comments, but I could just do them
    > while I apply the patches.

    Yes, please feel free to fix things when needed.

    > I've tried applying the (first four) patches, but since they are still
    > based on the two bug-fixes patches, they don't apply.
    > So we can either wait until the bug fixes are merged by Linus (I'm
    > going to send them soon) or you can rebase the patches on a current
    > mainline tree (which I could then push to linux-next) - however you
    > prefer.

    Either way works for me. I'm not in particular rush to get things in, but
    I'll send you a rebased version tomorrow anyway.

    >> - The latest patch is a bit odd. The ste_modem_remoteproc module
    >>  contains only the firmware handler, and nothing else.
    > What are your plans regarding the rest of that module? we may want to
    > wait with the fifth patch until we have some basic functionality.

    I am brewing a module and I hope to send it out for review
    as RFC within a week or two. It will probably make most sense to
    merge the module as a whole and not just the firmware handler.
    So I suggest we wait with the firmware handler until you have reviewed the
    patches on the ste-modem-rproc and we can take it from there.

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