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SubjectRe: File copy is very slow on linux-3.4.2 (or linux-3.3x) on a specific hardware: AMD FX-8150 + 990FX (solved?)
Rik van Riel wrote:
> On 06/13/2012 04:37 PM, Wallak wrote:
>> HighTotal: 8052692 kB HighTotal: 8052692 kB
>> HighFree: 7978664 kB | HighFree: 6227412 kB
>> LowTotal: 229508 kB LowTotal: 229508 kB
>> LowFree: 195804 kB | LowFree: 148948 kB
> Did the BIOS remap essentially all of the low memory
> to end up above the 1GB boundary?

May be not, but there was also a vmalloc= option on the linux
command line; Theses options must be used with caution, and takes some
low memory.
> This does not look like a system that should be run
> with a 32 bit kernel, since it only has 200MB of lowmem,
> giving you a 40:1 highmem:lowmem ratio, which is really
> too much to run well.
You are right; I will try also in 64-bits mode.


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