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SubjectRe: gma500: Cannot find any crtc or sizes - going 1024x768
2012/6/12 Christian Gmeiner <>:
> 2012/6/12 Alan Cox <>:
>>> Was there a special reason for 0x4108 to be left out in the IS_MRST macro?
>>> To me it looks like the bitmask should have been updated in commit:
>>> gma500: Add the E6xx PCI identifier we are missing
>>> 56125db1eecf8d34d84f7925686110d90724edf0
>>> If this is the case, I'll send a proper patch since this also applies to
>>> stable 3.3.x and 3.4.x
>> Firstly it should never matter - there are no Moorestown devices in
>> circulation. E600T is very similar to Oaktrail.
>> So the real question here seems to be why does the IS_MRST macro matter.
>> What weird firmware is involved here ?
> My company is using these cpu bords for our products:
> With firmware you mean BIOS or VBios or ...? If you tell me what you need, I may
> ask our supplier for more informations. I can tell you that the
> following options can be
> changed in the BIOS regarding gfx - see

Here are some more informations. There seems to be a scaling problem.
If i compare gma500 and the vesa framebuffer driver I see that gma500 shows
the desktop "scaled" up --> not the whole desktop is on the screen. It
gets better
if i remove the video="..." parameter from kernel cmdline, but it
still is too big for
the screen.

I really would love to get this beast up an running... so I will
provide as much informations
as needed - just ask :)

Christian Gmeiner, MSc

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