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SubjectRe: gma500: Cannot find any crtc or sizes - going 1024x768
> It matters because everything between 0x4100 - 0x4107 are Moorestown if you ask
> the macro, but are assigned to oaktrail_chip_ops. That makes Oaktrail ==
> Moorestown. IS_OAK might be a more appropriate name.

Oaktrail is sort of Moorestown, the divide is whether they have a PC like
set of I/O devices or not. It reflects the history of the driver

> IS_MRST is primarily used for two things:
> 1) Take LVDS enable fuse value into account

This like the non PC BIOS parsing should probably go. I've not taken it
out yet because I wanted to prove this. I'd be very surprised if it's the
right way to handle E600T but there's a bit of a lack of any public info
on that so who knows 8(.

> 2) Tell that LVDS must be on Pipe A

Which is true for Oaktrail and it seems E600T

> Those things where required for him to get the panel working,
> so why not include the 0x4108 in the IS_MRST check?

We probably want IS_GMA600() rather than IS_MRST.


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