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    SubjectRe: Can we pass a file handle down to the block ioctls to implement per file filters on scsi SG_IO ?
    Il 12/06/2012 20:52, Alan Cox ha scritto:
    > > Sure; however, doing so requires access to some member of "struct file"
    > > from SG_IO. Thus, ioctl would need to take a "struct file" rather than
    > > just an fmode_t.
    > >
    > > The switch to fmode_t was done in 2007 by Al Viro. I would like to
    > > understand the reasons for the switch; it seems to me that it was part
    > > of the big kernel lock removal. If it's acceptable to undo it, I would
    > > very much would like to add generic BPF filtering to SG_IO
    > That would solve all sorts of problems in this area, so lets ping the man
    > himself - Al ?

    (Even if he says no, we could probably use cgroups instead).


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