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SubjectRe: Does perf inject preserve call chain data?
Em Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 11:43:30AM -0700, Andi Kleen escreveu:
> ># perf top -a -G sleep 5
> >
> >Where it would figure out that since a workload was specified, it should
> >just not be refreshing the screen every N seconds but wait till the
> >workload to finish and then present the results, without setting up any
> > files.
> But top does not generate email'able ASCII format like perf report
> does, doesn't it?;a=commit;h=a78e5b82e99d8d284afc012ef015ef3332153aaf

perf hists browser: Implement printing snapshots to files

To avoid having to resort to --stdio, that expands everything, instead
allow the user to go on expanding the relevant callchains and then press
'P' to print that view.

As the hists browser is used for both static (report) and dynamic (top)
views, it prints to a 'perf.hists.N' sequence, i.e. multiple snapshots
can be taken in report and top.


On a v3.6 kernel near you, together with:;a=commit;h=bd622d64e4bb0d10e8f0c2df4de9303ee415ffae


- Arnaldo

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