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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/17] pramfs: persistent and protected RAM filesystem
On Sun, June 10, 2012 Marco Stornelli wrote:
> Hi all,
> after the merge of pramfs in the LTSI kernel and after the "hot topic"
> NVM Mapping API, here a new submission of pramfs code. Even if the
> code won't be in mainline the review is really useful to me, so any
> comment is welcome.

I think we have here two cases:
1. "A block of non-volatile RAM separate for normal system memory",
[documentation Pramfs] and
2. The whole RAM is non-volatile and so the whole situation is changed,
and an NVM Mapping API is needed and "hotly" discussed.

For 1. your solution is a very good concept that is getting around
issues solely related with specific optimizations for disc-based file
systems, like the 2 problems described in the documentation of Pramfs, but
for 2. there is no need for a file system anymore, as we use it today
while working with a computer system, because data needs not to be
written to a file system at all, and so the file system will become
something like a backup system in the most common use cases of a
computing device, if I should describe it a little bit too provocative.
In this case your approach taken to handle the 2 problems mentioned in
the documentation of Pramfs would have to be driven further by focusing
more on the management of the RAM, the power, and the long-term data
storage (backup) for harmonizing Pramfs with them. A further point is to
make Pramfs bootable, if this not already possible somehow.
> The patch series is based on 3.5-rc2.
> Pramfs documentation:
> Git repo:
> git://
> Marco

Have fun
Christian Stroetmann

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