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SubjectRe: [PATH v2 0/5] Code clean up for percpu_xxx serial functions
On 05/05/2012 05:29 AM, Andrew Morton wrote:

> On Fri, 13 Jan 2012 23:53:33 +0800
> Alex Shi <> wrote:
>> I am sorry for spelling mistaken on konrad's email address, so resend
>> for correct this. Please reply this resend email.
>> ---------------
>> Thanks for TJ's suggestion, I split the serial patch smaller for
>> potential bisection convenience.
>> Compare to v1 patch, this v2 patches has separate function replace
>> patches and final dead code clean up patch.
>> The net, xen and x86 part code are independent.
>> After each part was accepted in kernel, the final(5th) clean up code
>> do the real clean up in next merge window. I will refresh the patch
>> at that time.
>> Any further comments are appreciated!
> I'm still sitting on these patches. The review was a bit inconclusive
> and confusing and everyone will have forgotten all about everything. I
> think I'll drop them and ask for a resend, please.
> Be sure to update the changelogs so that they address everything which
> was discussed last time - so we don't end up covering the same ground.
> Please also Cc everyone who was involved in the discussion last time.

Thanks for comments. I will try to refresh this upon mm tree next week.


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