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    SubjectRe: Handling of modular boards
    Dear Arnd,

    In message <> you wrote:
    > One idea that I've heard before is to put device tree fragments into the
    > kernel and dynamically add them to the device tree that was passed by the
    > boot loader whenever we detect the presence of a specific device.
    > This obviously means it works only for boards using DT for booting, but
    > it allows us to use some infrastructure that we already have.
    > Another idea was to put all the possible extensions into the device tree
    > for a given board and disable them by default, putting it into the
    > responsibility of the boot loader to enable the one that is actually
    > being used. This has serious scalibility problems when there are many
    > possible extensions and also relies more on the boot loader than I would
    > like.

    On the other hand, some of the issues we're trying to solve here
    for the kernel are also present in the boot loader, so this needs to
    do this anyway - whether by inserting new or modifying (enabling or
    disabling) existing properties in the DT is not really relevant here.

    Best regards,

    Wolfgang Denk

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