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SubjectRe: inux-next: Tree for Apr 27 (uml + mm/memcontrol.c)
On Thu, 3 May 2012, David Rientjes wrote:

> Is this a claim that memory-intensive workloads will have the exact same
> performance with and without memcg enabled?

I've just run specjbb2005 three times on my system both with and without
cgroup_disable=memory on the command line and it is consistently 1% faster
without memcg. If I add XX:+UseLargePages to the command line to use
hugepages it's even larger. So why must I incur this performance
degradation if I simply want to control who may mmap hugepages out of the
global pool?

The functionality to control this is pretty important if I want to ensure
applications aren't able to infringe on the preallocated hugepages of a
higher priority application for business goals.

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