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    SubjectRe: [RFC v7] UBI: Fastmap support (aka checkpointing)
    Hi Artem!

    Am 26.05.2012 14:41, schrieb Artem Bityutskiy:
    > while my daughters are sleeping, I have a chance to quickly review the
    > code. I just start from the attaching path and add TODOs.
    > Can we change our workflow a bit. I will create a branch for fastmap in
    > the UBI tree taking v7 as the base. I'll add my TODOs there and commit,
    > and send them also as a patch to the mailing list. You then send
    > incremental patches which fix TODOs or anything else.
    > We can discuss my notes and if some of them make no sens - the patch
    > would just kill the TODO.
    > In any case, I feel a need to switch to incremental development and get
    > incremental patches instead of code drops. You can send entire fastmap
    > work to the list from time to time, of course, for people to look.
    > How does this sound?

    Sounds sane to me.

    > Also, I'd like you to document the tests you do. I'd like to start
    > making sure that we never break anything.
    > We can start with the UBI tests from the mtd-utils plust the integck
    > test. And whatever goes to my branch should never break them. Do these
    > tests pass now? If not, let's make them pass.

    What is "integck" test?

    UBI tests from mtd-utils pass now.
    The io_paral triggered a race condition on my very fast qemu-kvm test system.
    On my test board with real NAND flash this race never happened.
    Anyway, it's fixed now.

    I'm mostly testing with custom scripts, shall I send a patch against UBI tests?
    These tests test fastmap corner cases.
    E.g. Recovery from fastmap with an empty or full pool, etc...

    > At some later points we'll start to move pieces to the master branch.
    > Shmulik, is it fine with you?
    > I'll publush the 'fastmap' branch a bit later and send you the patch
    > with my TODO comments, if this is fine.

    Perfectly fine.
    I really appreciate your help!


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