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    SubjectRe: Plumbers: Tweaking scheduler policy micro-conf RFP
    On 11 May 2012 18:16, Vincent Guittot <> wrote:
    > This is a request-for-participation in a micro conference during the
    > next Linux Plumber Conference (29-31st Aug).
    > It'll require critical mass measured in talk submissions in the
    > general area of scheduler and task management.
    > If you have ongoing work or ideas in the the following areas we're
    > especially interested in hearing from you:
    >  1. Consolidation of statistics with other frameworks (cpuidle,
    > cpufreq, scheduler all seem to track their own statistics related to
    > load, idleness, etc. Can this be converted to a library that is
    > useable by all?)
    >  2. Replacement for task consolidation on fewer CPUs aka. replacement
    > for sched_mc


    Would you like to present the ongoing work around the load balance
    policy and the replacement for sched_mc during the scheduler
    micro-conf ?

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