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    SubjectRe: [patch 0/5] refault distance-based file cache sizing
    On 05/01/2012 03:08 PM, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > On Tue, 1 May 2012 10:41:48 +0200
    > Johannes Weiner<> wrote:
    >> This series stores file cache eviction information in the vacated page
    >> cache radix tree slots and uses it on refault to see if the pages
    >> currently on the active list need to have their status challenged.
    > So we no longer free the radix-tree node when everything under it has
    > been reclaimed? One could create workloads which would result in a
    > tremendous amount of memory used by radix_tree_node_cachep objects.
    > So I assume these things get thrown away at some point. Some
    > discussion about the life-cycle here would be useful.

    I assume that in the current codebase Johannes has, we would
    have to rely on the inode cache shrinker to reclaim the inode
    and throw out the radix tree nodes.

    Having a better way to deal with radix tree nodes that contain
    stale entries (where the evicted pages would no longer receive
    special treatment on re-fault, because it has been so long) get
    reclaimed would be nice for a future version.

    Probably not too urgent, though...

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