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Subject[Patch 0/4] ipc/mqueue improvements
While working on the POSIX message queue subsystem a while back I
noticed some things that could stand to be improved (as it turns
out, drastically so). So I improved them. The first patch fixes
the POSIX message queue subsystem to not suck under heavy load and
high queue depths. The next two are minor touchups/fixes. The
fourth is in the tools/selftests directory and is the app I used
to do the performance testing of the mqueue subsystem.

Considering that the changes I've made here make as much as a
1000 fold difference in performance, it would be nice to see them
go into linux-next ;-)

Special note: these patches require and are built on top of my
previous patches. Applying these to a tree that does not also
have the previous series of 7 patches I sent related to the
mqueue subsystem will result in a broken tree that won't compile.


Doug Ledford <>

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