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Subject[ath9k-devel] 3.4-rc ath9k regression (Re: 3.3.1 ath9k regression)
Michael Leun wrote:
> After an suspend to disk / resume cycle (in kernel suspend to disk,
> openSuSE) with 3.4-rc2 my ath9k wireless does not ping
> anymore.
> Output of iwconfig wlan0 looks just as usual (associated to AP).
> iwconfig wlan0 essid <myssid> fixes this (causes an
> deauthenticate/authenticate with AP) - then connectivity is there again.
> Guess what: "Of course" does not happen when reverting
> c1afdaff90538ef085b756454f12b29575411214 ath9k: fix going to full-sleep
> on PS idle.
> So, in my opinion it should be seriously considered to revert that patch
> until it is fully understood what is going on and why.
> It may look theoretically correct (I've no knowledge that would enable
> me assess that), but it seems to have caused 3 more or less different
> problems to various people.

The patch in question should just be reverted for 3.3.1-stable. It would mean
that power-saving would take a hit on that kernel - but it's impact would be
much lesser than a broken driver, one that fails in basic connection.
I'll send a patch reverting c1afdaff90538ef085b756454f12b29575411214.

For 3.4, can you build the driver with debugging enabled [1] , load the driver
with debug=0x801 and post the log here (before/after resume) ?


[1] :


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