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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 03/15] perf: Build libtraceevent.a
    2012/4/6 Borislav Petkov <>:
    > Right, what I meant was to add the $(LIBTRACEEVENT): target above to the
    > toplevel Makefile so that when you're in the kernel source tree, you do
    > $ make tools/perf
    > it has a target $(LIBTRACEEVENT) dependent on it in the toplevel
    > Makefile instead of perf's Makefile to avoid duplication. Then, when
    > perf is rebuilt, it simply links with this lib. IOW, not have the "make
    > -C" call in perf's Makefile but in the toplevel Makefile because other
    > tools will want to use libtraceevent.a too and link against it.
    > Oh well, the toplevel Makefile patches aren't upstream either so we're
    > wasting cycles here, I'll fix that up when the times comes.

    Yeah let's sort those details out once we have that library merged ;)

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