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SubjectRe: [PATCH] module: Clarify GPL-Compatible is OK
> > Dual licensing avoids some confusions, it also removes the worry about
> > possible unanticipated incompatibility. Right now if a court somewhere
> > says "Hey you know what - BSD and GPL are not compatible because XYZ" the
> > fact it is dual licensed avoids problems.
> Interesting, I had not considered that case, is this really likely to
> happen now, I mean at least with the list of licenses listed as
> GPL-Compatible on the FSF site?

I would be very surprised - but why chance it ?

> in perspective to what extent do we want to remain speculative over
> the list the FSF provides on GPL-Compatibility for the Linux kernel?
> Are there, say, at least a few GPL-Compatible licenses which we are
> comfortable with in assuming GPL-Compatibility moving forward?

IMHO it's up to whoever wants another tag badly enough to submit a change
for it. Consider it optimising the problem by delayed evaluation.


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