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    SubjectTiming 250 versus 1000
    No doubt i'm likely to get hammered for asking this on a technical ML, 
    but i'm brave enough and interested enough to risk it.

    Is there an important reason why timing in the kernel is set to 250 by

    I'm using linux to write music with. With the addition of many of the RT
    patches in the standard kernel, recording audio at low latencies with a
    standard kernel is no longer a problem, but for those of us who write a
    lot of midi driven work, we're still more or less required to use some
    sort of RT kernel to get any degree of playback timing accuracy.

    I appreciate my use case is just one among many, but i've done a lot of
    research on the interlink, and unless i'm missing something really
    simple here, i can't find a reason why the default timer can't be set at
    1000, and be done with it.

    I appreciate you chaps are busy, and elbow deep in code, just a "yes it
    could" or "no we won't" would suffice.



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