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SubjectRe: mapped pagecache pages vs unmapped pages
On 04/06/2012 08:29 AM, Alexey Ivanov wrote:

> In progress of migration from FreeBSD to Linux and we found some strange behavior: periodically running tasks (like rsync/p2p deployment) evict mapped pages from memory.
> From my little research I've found following lkml thread:
> And more precisely this commit:;a=commit;h=4f98a2fee8acdb4ac84545df98cccecfd130f8db
> which along with splitting LRU into "anon" and "file" removed support of reclaim_mapped.
> Is there a knob to prioritize mapped memory over unmapped (without modifying all apps to use O_DIRECT/fadvise/madvise or mlocking our data in memory) or at least some way to change proportion of Active(file)/Inactive(file)?

Hi Alexey,

Cc to linux-mm mailing list.

I have met the similar problem and I have sent a mail to discuss it.
Maybe it can help you

Now Konstantin has sent a patch set to try to expand vm_flags from 32
bit to 64 bit. Then we can add the new flag into vm_flags and
prioritize mmaped pages in madvise(2).


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