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SubjectRe: [PATCH 02/15] tools/events: Add files to create libtraceevent.a
On 4/5/12 4:47 PM, Frederic Weisbecker wrote:
> From: Steven Rostedt<>
> Copy over the files from trace-cmd to the Linux tools directory
> such that applications like perf and latencytrace can use the
> more advanced parsing code.
> Because some of the file names of perf conflict with trace-cmd file
> names, the trace-cmd files have been renamed as follows:
> parse-events.c ==> event-parse.c
> parse-events.h ==> event-parse.h
> utils.h ==> event-utils.h
> The files have been updated to handle the changes to the header files
> but other than that, they are identical to what was in the trace-cmd
> repository. The history of these files, including authorship is
> available at the git repo:
> git://
> The Makefile was also copied over, but most of it was removed to
> focus on the parse-events code first. The parts of the Makefile for
> the plugins have also been removed, but will be added back when the
> plugin code is copied over as well. But that may be in its own
> separate directory.

I found that this lib needs to be an .so to work with trace-cmd's plugins.


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