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SubjectRe: Tags for successful compilations of linux-next
Hi Luis,

On Thu, 26 Apr 2012 05:32:13 -0700 "Luis R. Rodriguez" <> wrote:
> As a daily consumer of linux-next I'm wondering if there are tags that
> perhaps could be introduced to annotate when a linux-next tag itself
> did successfully compile across all the tests you have for linux-next
> each day. As a consumer of linux-next, for example, I could just take
> those tags to ensure my own snapshots do compile as well. Checking
> with you to see if this is worth it for an extra tag to annotate these
> somehow.

Linux-next has never built for all the test builds we do :-( However,
(almost) every linux-next release does build for the following:

PowerPC: ppc64_defconfig, allnoconfig, (64bit) allnoconfig, ppc44x_defconfig,
allyesconfig (fails in the final link)
X86_64: allmodconfig
i386: defconfig
sparc: 32 and 64 bit defconfig

Stephen Rothwell
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