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SubjectRE: [RFC][PATCH] avoid swapping out with swappiness==0
On 04/24/2012 04:20 AM, Richard Davies wrote:
> I have run into problems with heavy swapping with swappiness==0 and
> was pointed to this thread (
> )

Did you test this patch with your workload?
If yes, how did it come out?

> I strongly believe that Linux should have a way to turn off swapping
> unless absolutely necessary. This means that users like us can run
> with swap present for emergency use, rather than having to disable it
> because of the side effects.

Agreed. That is why I proposed the patch.

> Personally, I feel that swappiness==0 should have this (intuitive)
> meaning, and that people running RHEL5 are extremely unlikely to run
> 3.5 kernels(!)
> However, swappiness==-1 or some other hack is definitely better than
> no patch.

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