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    SubjectRe: [PATCH V3 07/12] ata/sata_mv: Remove conditional compilation of clk code
    On 4/24/12, Andrew Lunn <> wrote:
    > Sorry, but still wrong.
    > The clock is optional. If we can find a clock, turn it on. If not,
    > keep going....
    > You patch causes the missing clock to become a fatal error.
    > This sata_mv exists in multiple forms. It can be part of a SoC. It can
    > also be on a PCI bus. In the PCI form, it is unlikely to have a clk
    > which can be controlled. When built into a SoC, namely one of the
    > Orion family, dove, orion5x, mv78xx0 do not have a clock which can be
    > controlled. However kirkwood does have a clock.
    > So, kirkwood will provide a clock and expects that sata_mv will turn
    > it on. All the other ways of using sata_mv will not provide a clock,
    > but still expect the driver to be happy.

    Hmm. What this code does now is:
    If HAVE_CLK is selected, then there must be a clock for the device. Otherwise
    it will always pass.

    You want not to return error if a platform does have HAVE_CLK, but doesn't
    have a clock for sata? That would be simple to fix, but want to confirm if this
    is actually required.

    @Russell: Can we have your view also?


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