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    Subject[PATCH 00/69] TTY buffer in tty_port -- prep no. 2

    this is the second series of patches which allow tty buffers to be
    moved from tty_struct (present from open to close/hangup) to tty_port
    (present as long as the device). This will allow us to get rid of the
    tty refcounting in the interrupt service routines and other hot paths
    after we are done. This is because we won't need to handle races among
    ISRs, timers, hangups and others, because tty_port lives as long as an
    interrupt/timer tick may occur. Unlike tty_struct.

    In this series, second batch of drivers is converted to use tty_port.
    The final few pieces are to come in the next window. Read: only very
    few drivers are remaining. Then the whole switch will start.

    Standard x86 stuff was runtime-tested. The rest is only checked to be
    compilation-errors free.

    Jiri Slaby (69):
    TTY: crisv10, remove unused tmp_buf
    TTY: crisv10, initialize tty_port
    TTY: deprecate linux/generic_serial.h
    ISDN: i4l, remove cvs crap
    TTY: isdn, remove callout
    TTY: isdn, remove ISDN_ASYNC_* flags
    TTY: isdn, do not play with module refcounts
    TTY: isdn, make some functions readable
    TTY: isdn, remove unused members from modem_info
    TTY: isdn, add tty_port
    TTY: isdn, use open/close_wait from tty_port
    TTY: isdn, use counts from tty_port
    TTY: isdn, use tty from tty_port
    TTY: isdn, use xmit_buf from tty_port
    TTY: isdn, define local tty_port
    TTY: isdn, use tty_port_close_end helper
    TTY: isdn, define tty_port_operations
    TTY: isdn, use tty_port_block_til_ready helper
    TTY: hso, do not set TTY MAGIC
    TTY: hso, free tty_driver
    TTY: hso, add tty_port
    TTY: hso, remove tty NULL checks fro tty->ops
    TTY: hso, use tty from tty_port
    TTY: con3215, centralize allocation
    TTY: con3215, remove tasklet for tty_wakeup
    TTY: con3215, add tty_port
    TTY: con3215, use tty from tty_port
    TTY: sclp_tty, add tty_port
    TTY: sclp_vt220, add tty_port
    TTY: sclp_vt220, remove unused allocation
    TTY: tty3270, move initialization to allocation
    TTY: tty3270, get rid of ugly aliasing
    TTY: tty3270, push tty down to tty3270_do_write
    TTY: tty3270, add tty_port
    TTY: bfin_jtag_comm, add tty_port
    TTY: bfin_jtag_comm, use tty from tty_port
    TTY: HVC, add tty_port
    TTY: HVC, use tty from tty_port
    TTY: HVC, use count from tty_port
    TTY: hvcs, add tty_port
    TTY: hvcs, use kref from tty_port
    TTY: hvcs, use tty from tty_port
    TTY: hvsi, CLOCAL is not in tty->flags
    TTY: hvsi, add tty_port
    TTY: hvsi, sanitize uses of tty
    TTY: hvsi, use tty from tty_port
    TTY: ipwireless, use synchronous hangup
    TTY: ipwireless, move prints to appropriate places
    TTY: ipwireless, add tty_port
    TTY: ipwireless, use tty from tty_port
    TTY: 68328serial, remove serial_state and friends
    TTY: 68328serial, remove unused stuff from m68k_serial
    TTY: 68328serial, remove garbage
    TTY: 68328serial, use ulong flags for interrupts status
    TTY: 68328serial, remove 68328serial.h
    TTY: 68328serial, add tty_port
    TTY: 68328serial, use open/close_wait from tty_port
    TTY: 68328serial, use close_delay/closing_wait from tty_port
    TTY: 68328serial, use flags from tty_port
    TTY: 68328serial, propagate tty
    TTY: 68328serial, use tty from tty_port
    TTY: 68328serial, use tty_port_block_til_ready
    TTY: usb/u_serial, add tty_port
    TTY: usb/u_serial, use tty from tty_port
    TTY: usb/u_serial use close_wait from tty_port
    TTY: rfcomm/tty, add tty_port
    TTY: rfcomm/tty, use tty_port refcounting
    TTY: rfcomm/tty, remove work for tty_wakeup
    TTY: rfcomm/tty, use count from tty_port

    drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_common.c | 2 -
    drivers/isdn/i4l/isdn_tty.c | 466 +++++++++++++++-----------------------
    drivers/net/usb/hso.c | 105 ++++-----
    drivers/s390/char/con3215.c | 148 ++++++------
    drivers/s390/char/keyboard.c | 30 +--
    drivers/s390/char/keyboard.h | 14 +-
    drivers/s390/char/sclp_tty.c | 33 +--
    drivers/s390/char/sclp_vt220.c | 33 ++-
    drivers/s390/char/tty3270.c | 121 +++++-----
    drivers/tty/bfin_jtag_comm.c | 44 ++--
    drivers/tty/hvc/hvc_console.c | 93 ++++----
    drivers/tty/hvc/hvc_console.h | 4 +-
    drivers/tty/hvc/hvcs.c | 74 +++---
    drivers/tty/hvc/hvsi.c | 128 +++++------
    drivers/tty/hvc/hvsi_lib.c | 2 +-
    drivers/tty/ipwireless/tty.c | 81 +++----
    drivers/tty/serial/68328serial.c | 383 +++++++++++++------------------
    drivers/tty/serial/68328serial.h | 186 ---------------
    drivers/tty/serial/crisv10.c | 28 +--
    drivers/usb/gadget/u_serial.c | 51 ++---
    include/linux/generic_serial.h | 64 +-----
    include/linux/isdn.h | 26 +--
    net/bluetooth/rfcomm/tty.c | 133 +++++------
    23 files changed, 851 insertions(+), 1398 deletions(-)
    delete mode 100644 drivers/tty/serial/68328serial.h


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