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Subject[PATCH 00/11] atl1c: update hardware settings - v2
This update contains a serial of patches, most of them are hardware
settings related. register definitions are refined (or removed if
meaningless) for each patch.

This is the second serial patches, after reviewed/applied the third
serial will be out.

The patches have addressed all sparse and checkpatch warnings.

Following NICs are tested:
Test item includes:

xiong (11):
atl1c: threshold for ASPM is changed based on chip capability
atl1c: add module parameter for l1c_wait_until_idle
atl1c: update right threshold for TSO
atl1c: remove dmar_dly_cnt and dmaw_dly_cnt
atl1c: clear PCIE error status in atl1c_reset_pcie
atl1c: refine reg definition of REG_MASTER_CTRL
atl1c: clear bit MASTER_CTRL_CLK_SEL_DIS in atl1c_pcie_patch
atl1c: refine/update ASPM configuration
atl1c: refine atl1c_pcie_patch
atl1c: fix WoL(magic) issue for l2cb 1.1
atl1c: remove MDIO_REG_ADDR_MASK in atl1c_mdio_read/write

drivers/net/ethernet/atheros/atl1c/atl1c.h | 4 -
drivers/net/ethernet/atheros/atl1c/atl1c_hw.h | 237 ++++++++++++--------
drivers/net/ethernet/atheros/atl1c/atl1c_main.c | 282 ++++++++++++-----------
3 files changed, 290 insertions(+), 233 deletions(-)


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