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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] x86, microcode: Ensure that module is only loaded for
    On Tuesday, April 17, 2012, Kay Sievers wrote:
    >2012/4/17 Gene Heskett <>:
    >> I do not think the above has anything to do with the current version
    >> shipping in some distro's, which is trying to find the intel code on
    >> kernels >2.6.39 when running on AMD stuff, so that script in
    >> /etc/init.d needs attention too. آ I have nuked about half of that
    >> script in my local copy so that it does install AMD code on AMD
    >> processors. آ The errors I was seeing were only the lack of its
    >> ability to find the Intel code and does not generate any output
    >> resembling the above.
    >Just a note: the intel microcode is loaded by a kernel-initiated
    >firmware request these days. There is no (broken) init script on
    >recent systems, to (rather mindlessly) fiddle around in userspace with
    >kernel internals.

    That has to be a good deal in general, but it leaves us AMD users swinging
    in a strong breeze. That microcode loading was in the kernel until sometime
    in the 2.6.20ish time frame, I can recall scanning dmesg's where it was
    loaded by about line 75 in past history. Now its just an afterthought. :(

    Thanks Kay.

    Cheers, Gene
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