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    SubjectSiemens CP1616 and DK16xx PN IO
    Dear Dr. Kizska and other Siemens Linux experts,

    We are to start Linux and Profinet/Profibus based project
    at the Slovak University of Technology.

    Other department members are active insiders
    of the Profibus/Profinet consortium but our
    software department are not. We are only
    department interested into Linux project using
    Siemens products.

    We were been delivered DK16xx PN IO
    from year of 2008. We were found some
    discussion about IWLAN inside upstream
    Linux kernel as well.

    I would like to ask you if it Is possible to
    get information about support
    of CP1616 adapter inside upstream kernel?

    Is it possible to get newer version of the
    DK16xx PN IO via electronic way
    of delivery,please?

    I look forward hearing from you

    Yours faithfully

    Peter Fodrek

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