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SubjectRe: [regression] Ideapad S10-3 does not wake up from suspend
Robert Scott wrote:
> On Sunday 15 April 2012, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>> Lars, Robert, anon: can you try 3.4-rc2 or newer and let us know how
>> it goes? I suspect v3.4-rc2~24^2~4 ("x86: Preserve lazy irq disable
>> semantics in fixup_irqs()") will fix this.
> Hmm, no, 3.4-rc2 seems to produce the same results I'm afraid.

Alas. Does suspend-to-disk ("echo disk >/sys/power/state") have the
same problem? Can you get a log of the failure with
"no_console_suspend" appended to the kernel command line, for example
with a serial console or netconsole?

If someone has time to go through the steps in
"Documentation/power/basic-pm-debugging.txt", that would also be useful.

Thanks, and sorry to take so long to get to this.


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