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SubjectRe: swapoff() runs forever
Am 09.04.2012 20:40, schrieb Hugh Dickins:
> I've not seen any such issue in recent months (or years), but
> I've not been using UML either. The most likely cause that springs
> to mind would be corruption of the vmalloc'ed swap map: that would
> be very likely to cause such a hang.

It does not look like a swap map corruption.
If I restart most user space processes swapoff() terminates fine.
Maybe it is a refcounting problem?

> You say "recent Linux kernels": I wonder what "recent" means.
> Is this something you can reproduce quickly and reliably enough
> to do a bisection upon?

I can reproduce the issue on any UML kernel.
The oldest I've tested was 2.6.20.
Therefore, bug was not introduced by me. B-)


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