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    SubjectRe: almost time to run my kernel source cleaning scripts again?
    On 04/11/2012 02:07 PM, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
    > it's been a while so i was thinking of firing up my scripts to
    > peruse the source tree looking for oddities/inconsistencies/whatever
    > (unless someone else is already doing that).
    > one example is looking for preprocessor tests of symbols that aren't
    > defined in any Kconfig file, and i can focus on any part of the source
    > tree. for example, if i run that script against drivers/mmc, i get:
    > drivers/staging/octeon/ethernet-defines.h:36: * CONFIG_CAVIUM_OCTEON_NUM_PACKET_BUFFERS
    > drivers/staging/octeon/ethernet.c:56:#if defined(CONFIG_CAVIUM_OCTEON_NUM_PACKET_BUFFERS) \
    > drivers/staging/octeon/ethernet.c:57: && CONFIG_CAVIUM_OCTEON_NUM_PACKET_BUFFERS
    > drivers/staging/octeon/ethernet.c:58:int num_packet_buffers = CONFIG_CAVIUM_OCTEON_NUM_PACKET_BUFFERS;

    I am aware of these and am working on fixing them.

    David Daney

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