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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] Input: Elan HID-I2C device driver
On Wed, 11 Apr 2012, Dmitry Torokhov wrote:

> > >> This patch adds driver for Elan I2C touchpad. These protocol of
> > >> HID-I2C was defined by Microsoft. The kernel driver would use the
> > >> multi-touch protocol format B.
> > >
> > > If this device truly supports HID protocol shouldn't we define i2c-hid
> > > transport, similar to usbhid?
> >
> > I merely follow defined by Microsoft.
> > It was called "HID OVER I2C" by Microsoft.
> > (
> > aspx) But I agree to change from hid i2c to i2chid.
> > Do you have any better opinions?
> I am not sure we are talking about same thing... I do not really care
> whether it is named "hid i2c" or "i2chid". What I meant if the device
> really speaks HID protocol, except that the transport is not USB or
> bluetooth but I2C, then instead of writing a custom driver for this
> particular part we need to add a new HID transport into
> drivers/hid/i2c-hid that is similar to drivers/hid/usbhid/ and reuse the
> rest of HID framework along with hid- multitouch.c which handles
> HID-compliant multitouch devices.
> I am CCing Jiri (HID maintainer) for additional input.

Yes, please.

In case you'd be looking into a bit less bloated example of how transport
driver for HID subsystem looks like, see the Bluetooth one in
net/bluetooth/hidp/ (and we don't currently have any other examples than
these two :) ).

I'd be happy to merge it once you convert to to proper HID transport

Could the event processing part then be integrated into hid-multitouch?


Jiri Kosina

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