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    SubjectRe: reboot via bios on X86_64?
    Matthew Garrett wrote:
    > The default behaviour is now to use the ACPI reboot vector, and the
    > behaviour was tweaked somewhat to make it work better with a variety of
    > machines. If 3.3 doesn't work then we've got a problem, but I could
    > absolutely believe that 2.6.32 would fail to work.
    Interesting. The comments still indicate that kbd is the default vector.

    In any case:
    - just booted with a gentoo liveCD (3.3.0 kernel)
    - tried the default reboot - hangs (last console message: "Remounting /
    read only ..")
    - tried with reboot=a - hangs (same last console message)

    For what it's worth, creating a path for X86_64 mode to reboot through
    the bios seems like
    a good thing to put on the wish list.

    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
    In practice, there is. .... Yogi Berra

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