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    SubjectWhy does NET_VENDOR_DEC default to y?

    I just tried building a 3.3-rc6 kernel, based on my 3.1.0-rc4 kernel
    config that I'm running. Sue me, I don't upgrade my home server

    Anyway, I was watching the 'make oldconfig' zoom by and I noticed that
    I was suddenly adding in DEC networking cards. Now I admit I loved
    the tulip cards from ages ago, but this is crazy. I haven't had a DEC
    card in my systems for years, and it's not like you find them in new

    So I poked into drivers/net/ethernet/dec/Kconfig and the stupid thing
    is now setup so that NET_VENDOR_DEC defaults to Y. Wtf? Why do I
    suddenly have to build in these drivers now? Or even get asked about
    them by default now?

    Maybe I'm just being too testy...


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