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Subjectsince when does linkat() on deleted /proc/$PID/fd/$num return ENOENT ?
It used to be the case (last time I checked was around late 2008 or
early 2009) that deleted entries from /proc/$PID/fd/ could be linked
back to the filesystem by using linkat(,,,,AT_SYMLINK_FOLLOW).

Now this just returns ENOENT.

I'd like to understand when, how and why this change took place. What
commit introduced it and was it a deliberate move (e.g., because the
feature was a security issue of itself, or came into conflict with
something else) or was it accidental? Does it depend on the /proc
filesystem itself or on the target filesystem where the deleted file
used to reside?

(There's a Reddit thread, <URL:
>, where some people are reporting ENOENT on 2.6.27 or perhaps even
2.6.26, which helps but a bound on the change.)

(See also this thread: <URL:
>, where the question is not answered, however.)

David A. Madore
( )

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