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SubjectRe: [RFC] perf tools: Including pre-generated flex files
Em Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 02:22:08PM +0200, Jiri Olsa escreveu:
> I just tried to generate the parser on RHEL6 and got:
> CC util/parse-events-bison.o
> util/parse-events-bison.c:222:6: error: "YYENABLE_NLS" is not defined
> util/parse-events-bison.c:664:6: error: "YYLTYPE_IS_TRIVIAL" is not
> defined
> looks like bison bug, that RHEL6 did not picked up fix for yet.
> I agree with not including the parser sources in git, but we'll probably
> get some screaming from ppl having similar issue like above.
> Also I'm not fully sure we could even use generated bison/flex
> files cross architectures.. need to check :)

I got yet another error here:

[acme@sandy linux]$ rm -rf ../build/perf/
[acme@sandy linux]$ mkdir ../build/perf/
[acme@sandy linux]$ make -j8 -C tools/perf/ O=/home/git/build/perf
make: Entering directory `/home/git/linux/tools/perf'
MKDIR /home/git/build/perf/arch/x86/util
MKDIR /home/git/build/perf/util/ui/browsers
PERF_VERSION = perf.urgent.for.mingo.6.g7e025ca
make: Leaving directory `/home/git/linux/tools/perf'
make: Entering directory `/home/git/linux/tools/perf'
GEN /home/git/build/perf/common-cmds.h
* new build flags or prefix
CC /home/git/build/perf/bench/mem-memcpy-x86-64-asm.o
CC /home/git/build/perf/util/trace-event-parse.o
BISON event-parser
CC /home/git/build/perf/util/parse-events-bison.o
FLEX event-parser
BISON pmu-parser
util/parse-events-bison.c:150:10: error: missing terminating " character
util/parse-events-bison.c:150:10: error: ""util/par" is not a valid
util/parse-events-bison.c:145:1: error: unterminated #if
util/parse-events-bison.c:147: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list
at end of input
make: *** [/home/git/build/perf/util/parse-events-bison.o] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
FLEX pmu-parser
make: Leaving directory `/home/git/linux/tools/perf'
[acme@sandy linux]$

- Arnaldo

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