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    Subject答复: 答复: 答复: [P ATCH] set fake rtable's dst to N ULL to avoid kernel Oops.
    > >Check net/bridge/br_netfilter.c and commits e688a6048076 (net: introduce
    > >DST_NOPEER dst flag ) 4adf0af6818f3ea5 (bridge: send correct MTU value
    > >in PMTU (revised))
    > This patch already included in kernel-3.3, but for our case, virtual tap device's delayed
    > Deletion will also cause kernel oops even in kernel3.3.

    >I was suggesting you take a look at the commit content ;)

    >Then you can see the code in br_nf_local_in(), a bit cleaner than yours.

    Yes, I will look into it, and trying to find out why this patch didn't work for our case.
    Thanks for your advice:)

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