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SubjectRe: Regression: black screen on VGA w/ nouveau in Linux 3.3
On poniedziałek, 19 marca 2012 o 15:35:48 Nick Bowler wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Just upgraded to Linux 3.3 on my desktop and noticed that the VGA output
> on my card w/ nouveau is totally black (both at the console and in X).
> Almost everything appears to work normally: DPMS works, modesetting
> works, DDC works... all messages indicate that things are working --
> just the image is completely black.
> The VGA is one of two outputs in use: the other (DVI) output works
> normally. The card also has an unused TV-out port, FWIW.
> The card is an NV36 generation (Geforce FX5700 AGP). This is a
> regression from Linux 3.2 -- unfortunately, bisection has proved
> extremely difficult because the intermediate kernels git is asking me
> to test panic immediately on boot (and compiling Linux takes a fairly
> long time on this box too). The failed attempt went like this:
> git bisect start 'drivers/gpu'
> # bad: [c16fa4f2ad19908a47c63d8fa436a1178438c7e7] Linux 3.3
> git bisect bad c16fa4f2ad19908a47c63d8fa436a1178438c7e7
> # good: [805a6af8dba5dfdd35ec35dc52ec0122400b2610] Linux 3.2
> git bisect good 805a6af8dba5dfdd35ec35dc52ec0122400b2610
> # skip: [5d56fe5fd794a98c4f446f8665fd06b82e93ff64] Merge branch
> 'drm-nouveau-next' of git://
> into drm-core-next git bisect skip
> 5d56fe5fd794a98c4f446f8665fd06b82e93ff64
> # good: [dffc9ceb55695f121adc57dd1fde7304c3afe81e] gma500: kill virtual
> mapping support git bisect good dffc9ceb55695f121adc57dd1fde7304c3afe81e
> # skip: [5c2a5ce689c99037771a6c110374461781a6f042] drm: add missing
> exports for i810 driver. git bisect skip
> 5c2a5ce689c99037771a6c110374461781a6f042
> # skip: [44517c44496062180a6376cc704b33129441ce60] drm/radeon/kms: Add an
> MSI quirk for Dell RS690 git bisect skip
> 44517c44496062180a6376cc704b33129441ce60
> (I stopped at this point)
> I'm running the latest git xf86-video-nouveau, but since the issue
> occurs at the console it's probably not too important...
> Let me know if you need any more info,

I created a Bugzilla entry at
for your bug/regression report, please add your address to the CC list in
there, thanks!

Maciej Rutecki
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