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SubjectRe: [RESUBMIT] [PATCH] Use BIOS Keyboard variable to set Numlock
2012/3/1 H. Peter Anvin <>:
> Sorry, you can't put non-x86 code in arch/x86.  There are two way to
> distribute this kind of stuff into arch directories:
> 1. You can define an ARCH_ symbol which indicates that <asm/kbdleds.h> is
> available; otherwise use the fallback routine;
> 2. You can define it in a .c file as an actual function in the affected
> architectures (x86 and parisc here) and then define it as a weak symbol
> (grep for __weak) in the common code.
> If you don't want to bite off this distribution I can understand it
> (although it's not up to me, technically, since I'm not the maintainer of
> the vt subsystem) but if so leave this as an inline in a common place.
>        -hpa

I thought about your idea for separating the platform specific code in
another file. It will make the code more modular but at the end we're
talking about a single function that flips a single bit. I really
don't see any real benefit from defining it in a separate file. It
makes (from my point of view) reading the file just more difficult.
That's why I decided to return the platform specific code back where
it originally was and only modifiy the x86 code. So I can keep the
changes at minimum. I'll post the patch later today and cc the tty
maintainer. Thanks for the help and the ideas.
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