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SubjectRe: [PATCH V1] input: keyboard: gpio: Support for interrupt only key
Hi Dmitry,

On Monday 19 March 2012 11:36 AM, Dmitry Torokhov wrote:
> OK, so I am generally happy with the patch; the only issue is that in
> interrupt mode the only event type that makes sense is EV_KEY so we need
> to make sure we do not accept anything else.

Thanks for taking care of patch. I am ok with this policy.

> Also, I do not think that having button_irq() that is called all the
> time is the best solution; I;d rather pulled RQ number up into button
> data.

Yes, this is nice cleanups.

> I tried doing the above in the patch below. Please let me know if it
> still works for you. Note that it depends on some other patches for
> gpio_keys that I have; I am attaching them for your reference.

This works fine with one small change.
The function gpio_keys_report_event() is gettign called from probe for
initialing the key state. This function should bypass if it is not the
gpio based otherwise system crash.
I made following change and after that it works fine.

static void gpio_keys_report_event(struct gpio_button_data *bdata)
const struct gpio_keys_button *button = bdata->button;
struct input_dev *input = bdata->input;
unsigned int type = button->type ?: EV_KEY;
int state;

if (!gpio_is_valid(button->gpio))

state = (gpio_get_value_cansleep(button->gpio) ? 1 : 0) ^

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