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    Subject[PATCH 0000/0002] drivers: scsi: storvsc

    The current Windows hosts only handle a subset of scsi commands
    sent from the guest and for commands that are not supported, they are
    filtered on the host side a generic failure is returned to the guest
    as SRB status. The returned error code does not permit the guest to
    figure out if there was an error or if the command was not supported.

    Based on the input I got from the community, I have convinced the windows
    developers to return an error code that allows the guest to distinguish between
    unsupported command and true failures. However, it is not clear when this fix will
    be shipped.

    This patch set addresses this issue by filtering the ATA_16 command on the guest
    (note that currently the host is filtering this command as it is not supported). I also have
    a patch here the correctly handles SRB_STATUS_INVALID_REQUEST error returns - note that
    the current windows hosts don't return this today.


    K. Y

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