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    Subject[PATCH -V4 00/10] memcg: Add memcg extension to control HugeTLB allocation

    This patchset implements a memory controller extension to control
    HugeTLB allocations. The extension allows to limit the HugeTLB
    usage per control group and enforces the controller limit during
    page fault. Since HugeTLB doesn't support page reclaim, enforcing
    the limit at page fault time implies that, the application will get
    SIGBUS signal if it tries to access HugeTLB pages beyond its limit.
    This requires the application to know beforehand how much HugeTLB
    pages it would require for its use.

    The goal is to control how many HugeTLB pages a group of task can
    allocate. It can be looked at as an extension of the existing quota
    interface which limits the number of HugeTLB pages per hugetlbfs
    superblock. HPC job scheduler requires jobs to specify their resource
    requirements in the job file. Once their requirements can be met,
    job schedulers like (SLURM) will schedule the job. We need to make sure
    that the jobs won't consume more resources than requested. If they do
    we should either error out or kill the application.

    Changes from v3:
    * Address review feedback.
    * bug fix in cgroup removal related parent charging with use_hierarchy set

    Changes from V2:
    * Changed the implementation to limit the HugeTLB usage during page
    fault time. This simplifies the extension and keep it closer to
    memcg design. This also allows to support cgroup removal with less
    complexity. Only caveat is the application should ensure its HugeTLB
    usage doesn't cross the cgroup limit.

    Changes from V1:
    * Changed the implementation as a memcg extension. We still use
    the same logic to track the cgroup and range.

    Changes from RFC post:
    * Added support for HugeTLB cgroup hierarchy
    * Added support for task migration
    * Added documentation patch
    * Other bug fixes


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