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SubjectRe: [RFC 0/2] kvm: Transcendent Memory (tmem) on KVM
On 03/08/2012 06:29 PM, Akshay Karle wrote:
> Hi,
> We are undergraduate engineering students of Maharashtra Academy of
> Engineering, Pune, India and we are working on a project entitled
> 'Transcendent Memory on KVM' as a part of our academics.
> The project members are:
> 1. Ashutosh Tripathi
> 2. Shreyas Mahure
> 3. Nishant Gulhane
> 4. Akshay Karle
> ---
> Project Description:
> What is Transcendent Memory(tmem in short)?
> Transcendent Memory is a memory optimization technique for the
> virtualized environment. It collects the underutilized memory of the
> guests and the unassigned(fallow) memory of the host and places it into
> a central tmem pool. Indirect access to this pool is then provided to the guests.
> For further information on tmem, please refer the article on lwn by Dr.
> Dan Magenheimer:
> Since kvm is one of the most popular hypervisors available,
> we decided to implement this technique for kvm.
> Any comments/feedback would be appreciated and will help us a lot with our work.

One of the potential problems with tmem is reduction in performance when
the cache hit rate is low, for example when streaming.

Can you test this by creating a large file, for example with

dd < /dev/urandom > file bs=1M count=100000

and then measuring the time to stream it, using

time dd < file > /dev/null

with and without the patch?

Should be done on a cleancache enabled guest filesystem backed by a
virtio disk with cache=none.

It would be interesting to compare kvm_stat during the streaming, with
and without the patch.

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