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SubjectRe: [V3 PATCH 1/2] drivers-gpu-drm-allow-to-load-edid-firmware.patch
Carsten Emde <C.Emde <at>> writes:

> > Windows allow vendor to override eddid based on 3 bytes manufacturer
> > and product code.
> This may solve the situation when a particular monitor lies about the
> required setting or its EDID data set has an invalid CRC. However, this
> does not solve the situation when we do not get any useful EDID
> information, because something is totally broken. This also applies to
> the KVM situation when the KVM sends EDID data that are totally
> unrelated to the monitor at the other side of the KVM.
> > Seems a reasonnable approach to follow.
> I am not yet convinced.

I second that, I have/had a laptop (with Radeon thou) that I had to
override the EDID it read from its own panel, which had most info
good but CRC wrong...

This manifested itself as the system thinking all it had was 1024x768 on
a 1280x800 panel - not scaling and remaining space filled with garbage.
Even its own bios did not recognize that (!), never mind Windows.

Before this patch (and probably some base EDID data...?) I'd have to set
mode override in X itself (and I had it working so beautifully)

(laptop's unfortunately not in use any more 'cause of panel hinge
damage and post-children keyboard fail and generally 'morally'
done&dusted (AMD Mob Sempron 1.8GHz+Mob Radeon X700) but may
still boot...)

> -Carsten.

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