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SubjectRE: Kernel Panic with Rawtherapee (mce related)
> It would be very helpful to disable the "reboot in 30 seconds" timeout.
> Is that possible somehow?

# echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/panic

[A non-zero value is the number of seconds before rebooting. zero means don't reboot]

> Up to now, it has always been rawtherapee that crashed the machine. This
> is why I thought it might possibly be some special cpu feature (an SSE
> command or something) that happens to be broken in my cpu and that is
> triggered only by rawtherapee and not by any other software. What is
> your opinion on this theory?

Can you set up a serial console for this system? Seeing the kernel
log leading up to the machine checks might also give some clues (e.g.
perhaps rawtherapee is running the system out of memory right before
the crash).


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