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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/5] printk: use alloc_bootmem() instead of memblock_alloc().
> that seems not right.
> for x86, setup_log_buf(1) is quite early called in setup_arch() before
> bootmem is there.
> bootmem should be killed after memblock is supported for arch that
> current support bootmem.

Hmm. x86 uses nobootmem.c, which implements bootmem in terms of
memblock anyway. It is definitely working at setup_log_buf() time (or
else it wouldn't be able to select a sensible buffer location).

I suppose you're saying that it wouldn't work for a hypothetical
architecture that *does* support bootmem and *also* supports
setup_log_buf(1). Will there ever be such an architecture, or will
bootmem be retired first?



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