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    Subjectremoteproc: Resource table for IRQs
    Hi Ohad and others,

    I would like to open new topic about remoteproc and IRQ.
    As you know we run AMP on dual core arm cortex A9. The first
    cpu runs Linux and the second rtos.

    Both cpus use the same GIC and Linux is able to forward IRQ
    to specific CPU. Currently this functionality is hardcoded
    and the kernel always forward specific IRQs to firmware.

    I think that will be good to move IRQ description to resource table
    and kernel could check if this IRQ is used or not and if not then
    setup GIC to forward this IRQ to the second CPU.

    I think that reasonable solution is to extend fw_resource_type for RSC_IRQ.

    What do you think?


    Michal Simek, Ing. (M.Eng)
    w: p: +42-0-721842854
    Maintainer of Linux kernel 2.6 Microblaze Linux -
    Microblaze U-BOOT custodian

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