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    SubjectRe: Corrupted files after suspend to disk
    Jiri Kosina schrieb:
    > On Mon, 12 Mar 2012, richard -rw- weinberger wrote:
    >>>>> This is happening to me as well. Something like 1 resume out of 5 goes
    >>>>> wrong this very same way.
    >>>>> This is thinkpad x200s.
    >>>>> All the userspace is segfaulting all over the place (most frequently in
    >>>>> libselinux for some reason).
    >>>>> I am not able to verify the 'drop_caches' theory, as I can't invoke a
    >>>>> single command that wouldn't crash.
    >>>> The question is how should we proceed?
    >>>> I've reported this issue one year (!!!) ago.
    >>> Hmm, 3.3-rcX seems to be the first version when it started to happen to
    >>> me. I take it that you have seen this also with 3.2? 3.1?
    >> Quote from my very first email:
    >> "I'm facing a very strange problem on my netbook (Lenovo Ideapad S10)
    >> running Linux"
    > So we both seem to have Lenovos at least. I thus wanted to verify whether
    > the problem will trigger with thinkpad_acpi removed, but it oopsed while
    > rmmoding :) I will start looking into this right away.
    > Is your system using thinkpad_acpi as well?

    I dont't think, that it is lenovo related as I'm having a MSI machine.

    Following the link, you are able to compare the used chips - maybe there
    are some equal components?


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