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SubjectRe: I.MX35 PDK
On 3/12/12, Alex Gershgorin <> wrote:

> 1. Back resistor 172 to the default value.
> 2. Removed the resistor 146, through which a voltage was applied from a PMIC
> (EXT_3V) on "CMOS_VIO".
> 3. Connecting a resistor 147 which supplies power from the LDO_3V3 on

The camera on the FSL BSP works fine with no hardware modification on
the mx35pdk.

As I suggested previously you should control the power rails, i2c pad
settings, etc from software so that the camera can also work in
mainline without the need of changing the hardware.

> On my display I see snow flickering and unfortunately not a live video from
> camera.

Do you have this patch applied?;a=commitdiff;h=f910fb8fcd1c97788f2291c8646597bcd87ee061

Also, try to isolate the display from this issue. Capture the image to
a file and try to play it on a PC.


Fabio Estevam

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